My presentation in FBOA

For the May monthly meeting of the Foreign Business Owners Association in Split-Dalmatia, I presented "Brand Culture for Content Planning," and it was a lot of fun. Check the video here, or stay for the brief recap.

✔️ Brand Culture
Brand culture is the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that define a brand's identity and influence how it interacts with its audience. It creates a consistent and authentic experience, fostering loyalty and making brands more memorable and trustworthy.

✔️ Brand Workbook
Flor shared with us the Inmediato Brand Workbook to analyze our own brand and create our marketing strategy or fill it out to work with a Marketing Agency. Find it in our Member’s Chat WhatsApp Group.

✔️ Content Planning
Define your content pillars; they must be Relevant, Aligned, Consistent, and Flexible. Also, use a calendar to schedule posts according to your target audience and goals.

✔️ How to Work with a Marketing Agency
Share your unique story and set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals. Provide clear briefs, choose compatible partners, and focus on long-term relationships. Maintain open communication, be flexible, and adapt to changes. Collaborate on content while trusting professionals to execute it. Foster a positive and supportive culture for enhanced productivity.

✔️ How to Be a Punk Rocker and Do It Yourself
Plan and schedule relevant content monthly, dedicating specific days for each task. Focus on value over sales and use preferred social media platforms, including Facebook and blogs. Spend 30 minutes daily to stay updated, and network offline. Embrace your uniqueness and share openly. If results are slow, review and adjust your strategy, staying persistent for better outcomes.

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