How to find your (and your brand’s) voice

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First, why is it so important? What is it for? Is it something new? Well, it all started during the Industrial Revolution when companies began mass-producing goods and needed to find ways to sell them. It wasn't just about studying and understanding consumers' needs and desires to effectively satisfy them, but also about differentiating and positioning themselves, because otherwise, it didn't matter which product people bought. And that's where ✨marketing✨ was born.

And finding your voice (or your brand's) has a lot to do with that, with differentiating yourself, positioning yourself, and being chosen. Why? I don't know, I can't answer everything.

Disclaimer: And you might wonder, why am I starting the post like this? Because I was a ✨ marketing✨ professor for graphic design and fashion design careers, and it comes from the heart. Another disclaimer: Marketing, used responsibly, can be something very beautiful, and I feel the need to say it because I come from social sciences, full Gramsci Rage Against The Machine.

If you're interested in more theoretical content, I'll take out the books 🤓

Let's get to the point: How to find your voice (and your brand's)

Identify what makes you unique 
Have you read that text by Galeano? (#socialsciences) It's in el libro de los abrazos and says: "Each person shines with their own light among all the others. There are no two fires alike. There are big fires and small fires and fires of all colors. There are people of serene fire, who don't even notice the wind, and there are people of crazy fire, who fill the air with sparks. Some fires, foolish fires, don't light up or burn; but others burn life with such intensity that you can't look at them without blinking, and whoever approaches, ignites." That's it, exactly. Each one of us is as unique as what we create. We can be inspired, but knowing who we are, and what makes us special and different is the first step. Then, of course, what we do reflects who we are. And that's why I don't believe in separating the art from the artist. There's nothing more beautiful than knowing who we are and being authentic, in the world of Marketing and in real life. And I say identify because you don't have to invent anything. It's already there.

Take your time 
Finding your voice is almost an existential question. Who am I? What do I want? How do I talk? What interests me? How can I contribute? You're not going to sit down one morning and all these things will magically reveal themselves to you. Maybe it won't happen in a month. Maybe in months, but when it does, it will be amazing because not everything, but many things will almost solve themselves afterward: the mission, the vision, the values, the content pillars, the calendar. You might even create faster—or give clearer directions—because you already know who you are and what you want.

Tell your story 
The soul of absolutely everything. Every brand and every person has a story, a journey, a mission. It's not the same to say that my grandfather worked hard in Patagonia than to tell that, on horseback, he made his way through the snow in the harshest winters of Comodoro Rivadavia. We remember stories, we learn from stories, we feel through stories. We are unique because we are made of stories. That's also from Galeano. Such a great writer. 

All about people
Are you going to communicate? Think about others, everything is always for others. If you're a professional in a certain field, if you offer a service, if you sell a product, if you have a brand, you have a recipient. You're talking to someone. Social media is pure community, messages have a purpose, a strategy, an audience, and based on that, a form. Think, who am I talking to? Who does it serve? Whether you want to be softer or directly think about your ideal customer and outline your buyer persona—Generative AI can help a lot with that. Also, listen to feedback (from the people you care about). If you want to know if you're on the right track, or if maybe it would be better to change something, ask. Nothing is a 100% finished product and there's always room for improvement, but be careful: not everyone knows how to give constructive feedback or feedback that really helps. The thing about opinions is that there are as many as people are willing to give them. And (almost) all of them are valid, but not all of them help you achieve what you want.

Not everything is AI 
Generative Artificial Intelligence tools are just that, tools. Can they help you? Can they give you ideas? Can they correct you? Obviously. No matter how much you prompt like a champion, neither ChatGPT nor Jasper nor AI writer will replace you in being you, using your words, and sharing your experience. They probably won't come up with the same ideas you have staring into space or smoking a cigarette on the balcony. It's one of the most interesting and useful tools of recent times, but it's not a magic solution. Also, it's very noticeable when they use prompts and generic texts.

Make the Internet great again, create your own content, with your own voice.

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